How To Care For A Bamboo House Plant

There are times that at the end of the week, you often would like to just relax. As much as you would want to go out and be with nature, it just cannot be. So, a solution for this would be to have one in your own home. That way, you do not need to go out. You can just stay at home and relax. This can easily be done if you have a yard and grow a garden. You can also add some inside your home by having house plants. With house plants, not only you will bring nature inside your home, but it is also a great way to add color and life. 

Now, if you are just starting and undecided on what to get, there are a variety available. One of those is a bamboo house plant or as it called the lucky bamboo. It is a great way to start because it is easy to be taken care of. For it to be really healthy, here are some tips in taking care of it:


One of its requirements is good sunlight. It has to be indirect because having a direct one will just harm the plant. What is needed is for it to be placed in a well-lit room and make sure that it is enough to grow well.


Even though bamboos do not need much water, it still needed to be watered. You will have to keep the soil damp and make sure it does not get too dry. There are also ones that choose to grow it in water. For this one, you will have to make sure the roots are in the water. You will also have to change the water often because it will definitely attract mosquitoes and might cause them to lay eggs and also some diseases.


Aside from placing it a well-lit room, it is also important to have them at a warm temperature. And if it gets colder, make sure to have it away from windows or other places exposed to cold.


Another thing to do is to have it in a proper container. It should be big enough for the roots to have room and space to grow and spread out. If it does get too tight and crowded in the container then you should change containers for it. 


Keep in mind the common pests that lucky bamboos encounter for you to have an idea of how to prevent it or to get rid of it. The most common ones are mealybugs and spider mites. It is also subject to fungal infections. These are the things you should watch out for. It is easy to get rid of these pests though. You will just need some household items such as rubbing alcohol and dish soap. Another thing to watch out is how it looks. A healthy lucky bamboo is green and once it changes color, there might be a problem with it.