How to Lay A Gravel Border Around Your House

The exterior of the house is just as important as the interior. For one, it is what most people will get a glimpse of. It is also the first thing your visitors will see. And they say that the first impression will last, and it will be great to give a good one. The exterior of your home will be that, first impression.

Because of that, you should always have the yard tools always ready to work on it. It is not just about maintaining it but also making it pleasing to the eye.

You can do the simple trick of having a gravel border. It is easy to do once you get a grasp of the basics.


The first thing you will need to do is to prepare for the materials needed and also for the place you plan to have a border with. You will have to choose the stone you will use and make sure its something that compliments your house and also something that will work for your needs. There are many kinds you can have. It could be just decorative, or it could be something with a double purpose such as drainage. That will affect the type of stones you will choose.

Dig and Form

After deciding, you will also have to prepare for the place. Once you have decided with the area, clear it and start digging. One of the important things is the shape and length, so you will need to have something to have it traced. You can use paint or ropes. Then after digging, you will be forming the trench.

Add the Base

After that, you will need to have the base, so that it will be more compact and sturdy. Use crushed stones and have them at the bottom. To make it more compact, pound it after spraying some water. 

Fabric and Edging

Now that it is compact, lay it with drainage fabric. This is a protection from water and other elements in the ground. Then after that, you will have to install the edging. You will just need to have a template for it first then the installation will be easier. After installing, you will have to hammer it. Make sure that it is straight and bent to the trench or else it might cause some damages now and to the future. 

Fill with Gravel

Now that everything is secured and installed, you can now fill it with gravel. Rake it all over so that it will be scattered evenly and make sure that nothing shows up from the base such as the fabric.

Take Care of It

Then after that, you can add something to make it more attractive. You can do some simple landscaping. To maintain it, you will have to always rake it around and smoothen it. There will be times that the gravel will decrease for different purposes, so you will have to add some or refill it from time to time