How To Remove Stains From Dining Room Chairs

Homeownership must be one of the best things a person can achieve. With it, you can now choose what you will do with your own home without any restrictions. But of course, it will also involve responsibilities. Unlike having a landlord, you are now your own this time. If something needs to be fixed, it will be on you. 

You are also the one who will maintain the worth of your home. Some are given like the exterior of your home, and also the rooms and other utilities. But you should also keep in mind the small things. Being a good steward is also seen with those. It will be seen how you will take care of your appliances and furniture. Besides, you have also spent your money on those, so taking care of it is a must.

This will include the uncertainties and the things that cannot be avoided like stains, and it can happen anywhere in your home even to your featured furniture. The dining room would be the most common because of it where you eat. If an upholstery chair is stained, what are the solutions you can do?


To vacuum it is a great way to preserve the fabric because dust is one of the causes that the fabric wears off easily. Nowadays, there are even kinds that are used particularly for upholstery. As for stains, vacuuming is recommended if you have an old stain. The vacuuming will help the stain to be more faded. 

Spot Cleaning

Accidents tend to happen and unavoidable, so you will have to be always ready for it. So if something spilled in your chair, you will have to react immediately and have it attended or else it might get harder to remove the stain. The first thing that needs to be done is to dab the stain immediately with a cloth, so the excess liquid will be gone. Then, you should have solutions on hand to treat those immediately. You can either purchase already made ones. But you can also make something out of household products and mostly, detergents, dish soap, and alcohol is used depending on what kind of stain.

Steam Cleaning

You can also invest in a steam cleaner. Especially if the stain is hard to remove, steam will be able to loosen it up and be more effective. Not only that, but it is also useful for other items in your house such as your carpet which is also prone to spills. It is also great for sanitizing your home.

Dry Cleaning

Another way is to dry clean it, and there are some that are required and recommended according to the instructions. You can do it yourself if you have the ability, but there are also a lot of services that offer dry cleaning. It will save you a lot of time. And because professionals are the ones who handle it, it will likely be taken care of and have great results.