What Is The Best Snake For A Pet

There are many things we need to think about. Things such as what you will eat or what you will need, and how will you get and manage it. Then there are also others that are not for you such as your family or other loved ones. Then there are also things for your pet that takes time and more work.

If you do not have one but would like to have something less work, there are a lot of options. You can have an aquarium for any kind of fish you prefer. But if you want to have more challenges and be more exotic then you can have a snake. It might sound scary and intimidating, but you can get something that is good for beginners and also some that will be not harmful.

Corn Snake

This must be the most popular snake that can be a pet. The reason for that is because it is so harmless. It is calm and if you are someone who is a first-timer or looking for something easy then this is perfect. Add to that, it comes in different colors, and it also does not get too big. It is also good for breeding in case you want to have it as a business.

Ball Python

Another popular snake as a pet. Corn snakes are still less harmful though, and that is because ball pythons do tend to bite albeit not venomous and also painless. It is also a great snake to have for beginners. It also does not grow too big, three to five feet at maximum. Their cage must be more humid than others though.

Rosy Boa

Not as popular as others but still a good one to start with. It does not get too big and also easily complies. It is also easy to breed. The problem you would have will be that they tend to escape, so you have to make sure that its enclosure is proofed. 

California Kingsnake

These snakes are also a great one, to begin with. It is called king because of its tendency to kill and eat other snakes including the venomous ones but is harmless when it comes to humans. It is also gets adapted easily and does not grow too big. 

Green Snake

Green snakes are for more experienced snake handlers. It is not really dangerous per se, but some are venomous depending on the kind, so it is not really advisable for beginners to have this for a start. It also stays small. It also only consumes insects, so it will be a lot easier to find food for them.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. Like any other pet, you will have a responsibility and need to commit to it.
  2. Always keep in mind their needs such as food and habitat.
  3. Even if is mentioned that they are safe to have, you still need to think about that. This means you should be ready and really know how to handle them.