How To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

Pets are a great companion to have in your home. Even if you have someone with you or not, it will always be there ready to meet you whether it is the laid-back kind or some other kinds of pets.

Then, there are the dogs. They are called the man’s best friend for a reason because they will stay loyal and accompany you no matter what. Because of that, you will take responsibility for their needs as it is also what pet owners need to be. Aside from feeding and training them, you should also have them in good health. One of those is keeping them hydrated. They also need that like us humans, but it would be quite a challenge because they might not have any idea about that.

So as their owner and master, you will have the task to do that. Here are some ways to encourage them:

1. More Bowls Placed Around Home

A way for them to drink more is to have bowls placed around your home especially to the ones they always hung around. The reason for this is that they will be more encouraged once they see one. 

2. Go for More Walks

Another way to encourage them is to have them need it. When our bodies are exhausted, we tend to find something to drink that will refresh us. That is the same for dogs. You can have them exercise, and the easiest way to do that is to go out more for walks and also to play. If you have some outings like hiking or just some walks or runs, you can also take them with you. It would be a double purpose with them giving you company. And with that, they will have the opportunity to move and would also make them drink to be refreshed.

3. Ice Cubes

The thing with dogs is that they love liking things, and one of those is ice pops or ice cubes. With that, they will be able to stay hydrated by just prepare some ice cubes. Just make sure that it is enough for them to chew or even swallow. You can even be mixed some other ingredients such as broth or vitamins that they take. It will be a nice solution if you are having a hard time giving them those.

4. Staying Hydrated with Food

You can also add some more water to their food. You can do this with any kind. Just like the ice cubes, you can add some stock to add flavor which will be appetizing for the dog. 

5. Dog Water Fountain

You might also consider purchasing a dog water fountain. They might just want something that is standing, and water fountains will be the solution to that. It is also more alluring to them than water bowls. In addition to that, the water will be filtered and flowing, so it will be cleaner and safer for your dog and also will remove the things that prevent your dog from drinking the water.