How To Make A Gravel Walkway

Your home’s exterior will be one of the best assets your house would have. Aside from increasing your house’s value, it is what people will mostly see whether they are your visitors or someone that just passed by.

What is great is that you can have some add ons that are not hard to have and also not expensive. One of those is having a gravel path. This is especially if you are already working with gravel in the yard, you will not have a problem in working and adding more. It is practical and pleasing to the eye. What more can you ask for?

Here the things to remember to start with this:


The first will be choosing a design. It is not just according to your taste and want but also what will be good for your home. You will also think about the needs of your house. Would you need something that will block water especially during rainfall? Would you need some additional protection for your garden? These are just some of the possibilities you can have with having a gravel path in addition to making your home exterior look good. Another thing is the shape and size. It is important for you to know the materials you will need and also if it fits.


After deciding on the design, you will need to have the correct materials. The first will be the gravel. There are many kinds available to choose from, and you can have the ones that are best for your needs. Then you will also need materials to set up borders and to be compact, and also to mention the tools you will use.

Making the Walkway

After all the planning, you will now start with making the gravel walkway.

1. Mark

You will have to make marks so that you will have the idea of how long will it be. This will also make you see how narrow or wide will it be and if you will need to make some changes.

2. Dig

After being assured because of the marks, it is now time to dig the trench. With that, you will have to form the edging. You will have to lay some foundations first. Then, make sure that it is aligned. Lay it with drainage fabric as a protection from water. 

3. Compact

After digging and working on the edging, you will have to make the soil underneath compact. You can just use a rake if it is narrow enough. If it is on a wider side, you will need to have a garden roller. 

4. Distribute

As it is compact enough, it is time to put or distribute the gravel in the trench. As said before, there are different kinds that will fit the aesthetic of your house and lawn. You will need to have a rake to have them easily distributed and scattered. You will also need to rake it often for it always to be even and also to check if it needs to be refilled.